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About Me


"Best picture is a result of a moment"

My name is Magdolna Gondon, a Freelance Award Winning Photographer. 

I am a high school Art and Geography teacher from Hungary, and I reside in Sterling, Virginia. My life-long passion is to capture unforgettable moments of nature and people. I mix both art and geography to create a unique world of photos.

As a geography teacher, I have traveled most of the seven continents where the natural beauty and culture of individual countries have inspired me to eternalize their unique lives.

My photos reflect my creativity in capturing un-duplicable moments and artistry to encapsulate light, colors, forms, and emotions. I do not simply take pictures but create stories with cinematic effects. I love to seize new opportunities both in color and black and white.

Having won multiple competitions, I currently hold the highest number of awards on ViewBug.